Webinar: Introduction to Lithium Batteries, Charging, and Maintenance

Gravely, Inventus Power, and Delta-Q Technologies are hosting a webinar together to cover:

  • What lithium-ion battery technology is and how users can extend run time with Gravely’s swappable lithium-ion battery system
  • The advantages of lithium-ion electric products and how it will improve productivity and will help keep your crew cutting all day without edging into your bottom line
  • Key charging and maintenance tips for your commercial electric mower

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Gravely Mower

The Lithium-Ion Advantage

Zero Maintenance

  • No changing oil, gas, filters, etc.
  • No battery watering
  • No tools required


  • Capable of cutting various grass types (wet, dry, thick)
  • Heavy-duty and weather resistant (hot, cold, rainy)
  • Instant torque and fade free performance

Ultimate Uptime

  • Long run times on single charge (up to 15.5 acres)
  • Quick-swap battery system can extend run time
  • Longer work shifts due to quieter operations

Low Noise

low noise-1
  • 60% quieter than gas
  • Safer decibel levels for operators
  • Quieter for neighbors

Clean & Safe

  • Zero carbon emissions
  • No gassing or fumes
  • No oil or gas spills

Opportunity Charging

  • Fully charged within 3 hours (for a single battery)
  • Quick swap batteries can be charged anytime with on-board and off-board charging systems

Long Life

long life-1
  • Up to 2,000 cycles
  • Designed for 10 year life
  • Sleep mode extends battery life when not in use

Intelligent Power

  • Monitors voltage, temperature, current, health and consumed energy
  • Communicates critical performance data
  • Predictive maintenance and battery analysis

Case Study: The Power of Synergy

Synergy between battery and charger manufacturers is necessary to scale innovation and successfully solve the challenges original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) face.
This case study talks about the partnership between Delta-Q and Inventus Power and how they helped develop an innovative, tailored charging solution for Gravely's electric commercial mower to maximize life and performance.
Inventus Case Study_Page_1-1

Your Electric Partners

About Gravely

Gravely designs machines for all-day comfort and unbeatable precision. They engineer machines to work tougher, faster, and never stop inventing smarter ways to deliver results that make you proud. 

Inventus Power
About Inventus Power

For 60 years, Inventus Power has partnered with the most innovative brands to design and manufacture advanced battery systems for a broad range of applications.

Delta-Q Technologies
About Delta-Q Technologies

Delta-Q Technologies is charging the future. They are leading providers of battery charging solutions that improve the performance and reliability of electric drive vehicles and industrial equipment.

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