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Electrifying Industrial Machinery: A Comprehensive Guide

Opportunities and challenges in the transition from internal combustion engines (ICE) to electric drive

ICE White Paper

Electrifying the Future: Beyond the Internal Combustion Engine

The world is rapidly moving towards sustainable energy solutions. At the heart of this transformation lies the shift from traditional Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) to innovative electric drive systems. 

As original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the industrial machine sector recognize the drawbacks of ICE, electric drive emerges as the clear solution. Discover the environmental, operational, and economic incentives driving this change, and explore the unique challenges and opportunities that electric drive systems present in heavy machinery and industrial applications.

Featuring case studies that highlight the tangible successes and growing potential of electric drive integration in the industrial sector, this guide aims to provide OEMs with actionable insights. Draw on real-world examples, stay informed on industry-specific trends, and glimpse into the seismic policy shifts driving the change in this white paper.

White paper includes:

  • The specific impact of ICE on the industrial machine sector and the environment
  • Core components and advantages of electric drive systems
  • Criteria and strategies OEMs should know for seamless transitions
  • Real-world challenges and considerations for electrifying heavy machinery 
  • Success stories and lessons from the field of electric drive integration

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