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Mobile Robotics: Coupling a Battery & Charger

An engineering design overview of the connection between a battery and it's charger.

Mobile Robotics - Charge Coupling

An important aspect of mobile robot design...

concerns how the batteries are charged, and more specifically how the charger and battery pack are coupled together for charging.

There are a number of factors to consider when designing the charge coupling system for your mobile robot. While wireless charging solutions may bring safety and simplicity to operations, they will add cost, physical space requirements, and complexity to any system.

Contact-based solutions offer the lowest cost, most efficient option (both in terms of power transfer and physical space) but have potential risks in corrosive environments.

The critical design decisions must be made by trading off the benefits against the cost and complexity. Learn more about the options available today, their advantages and disadvantages, and the current/near-future state of the technology in this white paper.

White Paper includes:

Canva Design DAFC9bUQzIA Design considerations
Canva Design DAFC9bUQzIA Physical contact-based solutions
Canva Design DAFC9bUQzIA Wireless options
Canva Design DAFC9bUQzIA Future trends to consider
Canva Design DAFC9bUQzIA And more


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