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Taking advantage of EV Charging Infrastructure to charge your machines

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Charging options for Non-Road Electric Vehicles & Machinery

Off-Road Electric Machine Charging: Key OEM Considerations

In this whitepaper, OEMs will uncover key considerations to ensure battery-charger compatibility and optimize performance amidst rapidly evolving EV charging technology. 

     Readers will learn:

Canva Design DAFC9bUQzIA EV connector types, their capabilities, and insights into North American and European charging standards.
Canva Design DAFC9bUQzIA Detailed analysis of components and considerations for successful EV charging integration.
Canva Design DAFC9bUQzIA Industry-leading insights into the intricacies of battery and charger compatibility.

Who's this for?

Canva Design DAFC9bUQzIA OEMs in Agriculture, Construction, Outdoor Power Equipment, and other industries seeking cost-efficient solutions to adapt machinery for existing EV infrastructure.
Canva Design DAFC9bUQzIA Industry executives pursuing machinery electrification while adhering to global compliance and sustainability standards.
Canva Design DAFC9bUQzIA Fleet owners and operators navigating the logistical challenges of charging in-field industrial equipment.
Canva Design DAFC9bUQzIA Engineers and designers seeking insights into the complexities of EV charging integration and battery/charger compatibility.

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